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Rane Serato Scratch Live MP3 Software Digital DJ Solution

Serato Scratch Live is the number one digital solution for professional DJs. The entire DJ solution is comprised of the Scratch Live software with Serato Control Vinyl, Control CDs (not included) and a Rane audio interface (not included).

Using Scratch Live effectively lightens the load of professional traveling DJs. By digitizing records into a huge, yet easily transportable libraries of music on computer hard drives, Scratch Live eliminates the need for heavy crates of vinyl, yet remains true to the art of DJing with no auto sync or effects by design. With Scratch Live, DJs are in control of their mixes, not computer programs.

The software provides an array of tools and performance features to enhance mixes, and create unique performances, such as:

• Extract beats
• Tempo metering in real time
• Waveform coloring based on spectral content
• Multiple cue and loop points
• Record directly from a microphone
• Archive vinyl collections
• Access music libraries quickly and easily
• Access promotional music via
• Free software upgrades

Serato Control lets you scratch and mix files from your hard drive using the included Serato Control Vinyl and CD or other approved USB controllers. The Control Vinyl and CDs each contain Noise Map Control Tone, which is a unique control signal that Scratch Live to track the motion of record and simulate it with digital audio. The result is a feel and sound indistinguishable from playing your records. However, you are free to switch to traditional vinyl any time you feel like it, though you probably wont have to.

Serato has approved a select new generation of USB controllers for use with Scratch Live so the program can send track information from the software to the supported hardware’s on-board displays. You are able to use the platters, buttons, and sliders straight out of the box, because all the controls are pre-mapped, making setup a breeze. Serato approved USB controllers include: the Denon DN-HC4500 and DN-HD2500, the Numark iCDX and DMC2, and Pioneer’s CDJ-400. And, since Scratch Live is officially lisenced to Rane it can also be used with the Rane SL1, TTM 57SL and MP4.

If you are tired of lugging around heavy crates of your precious vinyl collection but need to stay true to your traditional roots (as you should), Serato Scratch Live is the answer to your problem. Digitize and archive your record collection on a hard drive and leave your crates safe at home and, by using the control vinyl and CDs, you’ll never have to compromise your performance. Work smart not hard, with Serato Scratch Live!

Website: Rane Serato

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