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Sony ACID Music Studio Recording Software

For musicians serious about recording their own music, Sony’s ACID Music Studio Software is the perfect tool for creating original songs, multitrack audio and MIDI recording, and studio-quality mixing and effects processing.

When you’re done you can share your music however you want; burn CD’s, upload them to the web, podcast, or upload to MP3 players. Built-in tutorials make is easy for you to get started composing, mixing and mastering right away.

ACID is perfect for both beginner and professional music producers. Live recording, of vocal, guitars, keys, and other acoustic and electronic instruments is simple with ACID Music Studio. Just plug in microphones or instruments to your PC soundcard and click record to instantly capture audio and MIDI data. With 3,000 ACIDized loops, 1,000 MIDI files, built-in effects, and other tools, plus any songs and MP3 files of your own that you want to import, this software provides a powerful beat-matching and mixing tool.

Delivering precision mixing control over volume, panning, effects processing, audio routing and final output, ACID Music Studio lets you customize your songs using pro-quality audio effects like EQ, delay, reverb, chorus, flang, phase, distortion, echo and more. You can use DirectX and VST effect and instruments. Additional pan and volume envelopes, reverse audio, and pitch and tempo adjustments are also possible. ACID Music Studio software can also be used for complete MIDI editing and sequencing. You can record and edit MIDI note and controller data on the timeline and assign your data to any MIDI controller. The software supports VSTi, and includes over a thousand MIDI files and 90 virtual instruments.

When you’re finished mastering your projects, you can use the fully integrated, Disc-At-Once CD layout and burning application to conveniently produce professional CDs. This function’s powerful encoding lets you save songs to popular streaming formats for uploading to the web and exporting them to portable music devices. ACID Music Studio is your all-in-one music production software, to bring the original music you imagine to the audience that will enjoy it; brought to you by the one and only Sony.

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