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Sony ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation

Sony ACID Pro 7 digital audio workstation is the ultimate solution for multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and looping for seamless music creations and post-production. ACID Pro 7 software, with its Transparent Technology design, allows you to effortlessly bring ideas into reality.

Its uncompromising 24-bit, 192 kHz sound quality production and expanded feature set helps your live and studio recording realize their maximum potential.

Providing on-the-fly punch in/out, unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI, control surface support, powerful plug-in processing and 5.1 surround mixing, ACID Pro 7 is the optimal platform for reliable multitrack recording and production. The leader in loop-based music production for almost a decade, version 7 delivers all the core ACID Pro features like automatic pitch and tempo matching, real-time loop previewing, and signature pick/paint/play interface as well as over 3,000 Sony Sound Series Loops and 1,000 MIDI files to get you started fresh out of the box.

With real time MIDI processing and precise control over MIDI events, this software delivers unparalleled MIDI sequencing. Note and controller data can be edited and recorded in the timeline as audio tracks by using track envelope to automate and modify modulation, expression, and other parameters; record multiple MIDI tracks, apply real time quantization, filter, process and step record.

The dedicated mixing console provides a flexible and efficient recording environment that allows you to specify routing, assign effects, and use external effects processors with busses and tracks. ACID Pro 7 supports control surface automation and channel tracking for devices like Mackie Control and Frontier Design TranzPort. The unique Beatmapper function facilitates easy remixing and the Chopper tool helps make drum fills, stutters and other effects. Native support for VST instruments and VST and DirectX audio plug-ins lets you create sweeps, fades, EQ changes, and effects with parameter automation. Groove Mapping and Cloning quantization tools let you change grooves, apply different ones and extract a groove from one file and put it in another. Maximize efficiency with folder tracks and cluster editing, and use the Clip Pool to select and arrange events in your compositions.

ACID Pro 7 by Sony is a professional DAW that is designed for advanced musicians and DJs. You are able to record bands in both live and studio settings for the highest quality sound and post-production audio. Produce everything from your first demo and your first live concert, to you first EP, all from your computer with ACID Pro 7. With this software, you are in control.

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