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Steinberg Cubase 4 Advanced Music Production System

Steinberg’s Cubase 4 is the one of the most advanced digital audio workstations available. Designed from the ground up with the serious professional musician in mind, Cubase is a confluence of extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling, and an array of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools. With Cubase 4, you get an incredibly powerful tool for composition, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Cubase features an intuitive layout with unparalleled ergonomics. Keyboard shortcuts are available for nearly all the functions, many of them are programmable if you are already using another program and are just adopting Cubase. The window layout is fully customizable with the Workspace function setting you free to create the perfect panel for every step of the production process.

Unlimited undo gives your creative urges free reign and the option of timeline- or pattern-based arranging let you choose how you want to work. The award-winning Cubase audio engine delivers 24-bit, 96 kHz audio quality, with 32-bit, floating-point resolution for internal signal processing. Along with a vast arsenal of functions like cut, fade, pitch shifting and time stretching, numerous special features help you adapt loops to existing audio material.

Featuring ergonomic MIDI editors, extensive quantization options, and creative MIDI effects, Cubase offers possibly the most impressive MIDI sequencing capabilities available. An enhanced score editor offers everything you need for professional notation editing and printing for even the most complex compositions. The freely configurable mixer offers all the functions for professional stereo and surround mixes including: FX returns, group channels, control room and much more. Nearly all parameters such as mixers, effects and VST instruments can be automated to create fades, pans, filter sweeps and a host of other effects. Also offered in Cubase 4 is a complete set of new VST3 effect plug-ins while the included VST instruments provide a range of top-quality sounds and textures.

A revolutionary database system makes the management of all types of media easier than ever, integrating media resources directly within the creative production process. A fully surround capable environment with all the functions required for muti-channel production Cubase 4 includes surround panners and a fully surround-capable VST3 plug-in set. The video thumbnail track and support for a huge range of video formats unites video functionality with Cubase’s peerless composition and production tools.

Cubase 4 allows for the integration and control of any external instruments and outboard effect units with unprecedented simplicity and with Steinberg and Yamaha hardware, the integration runs even deeper. At the heart of the program’s studio monitoring and recording work flow, however is the groundbreaking Control Room function that includes 4 Studio Sends, 4 customizable monitoring setups, external ins and outs, a headphone bus, talkback and more! Cubase 4 cuts no corners, giving you a powerful tool for producing professional audio and video.

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