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Steinberg WaveLab 6 Audio Editing and Mastering Suite

WaveLab 6 by Steinberg is a professional all-in-one mastering, high-res multi-channel audio editing, restoration, sample design and radio broadcasting solution. An industry standard for flexible digital audio editing and processing and pristine audio quality; WaveLab is used by top professional and audio enthusiasts worldwide.

This program is committed to non-destructive editing in the Audio Montage so all editing tasks and actions are either processed in real time or rendered into the audio material. A powerful new integrated external effect hardware system is included in the Master Section audio signal chain supporting up to 8 parallel input and output channels to ASIO-compatible interfaces.

The Spectrum Editor is handy for the restoration and editing of an audio file’s frequency information, displaying audio material as a sonogram indicating changing frequency intensities over time in different colors and shades. Surgical Processing mode offers 3 filter types, usable in six different ways for a wide variety of tasks.

The Master Section Processing mode allows for the processing of selected frequency areas using Master Section plug-ins. This powerful editing tool allows defined frequency areas to be sent through restoration plug-ins and give users complete dynamic control over their defined frequency bands. Also WaveLab 6 offers freely definable plug-in chains, which can consist of any plug-ins available in the program, and can be created instantly by dragging and dropping plug-ins right into the Audio Montage. Audio signals an be recorded through the effects of the Master section allowing effects such as EQ, compression, or noise gating to be used while recording, preparing the material for further editing and processing.

The fully surround-capable Audio Montage supports fast workflow and multi-channel editing. Multiple global plug-ins can be loaded at the same time to process clips on any track and WaveLab allows you to apply a huge range of editing processes and renaming options to batches of track for expedited batch processing. This is the first version to offer direct access to WaveLab through MIDI controllers and the assignment of MIDI parameters is completely flexible and user-definable.

Never before has WaveLab incorporated so many advanced and complex features with complete user-friendliness and intuitive operation. When it comes to professional audio processing and rendering no other DAW comes close to Steinberg’s WaveLab 6.

Website: Steinberg WaveLab

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