Atomic Ski

Atomic Ski are a major player in the ski equipment category, well respected and very well reviewed by both skiers and the ski equipment reviewers alike.

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Atomic Ski are a serious brand that carries a lot of clout in the Ski shops, sports stores and Ski resort rental shops.

Visit Atomic's website to get information on products for racers, experts and aggressive all round Skiers. You can get Atomic Ski oriented towards alpine, telemark and cross country Skiing conditions.

Atomic is renowned for making a "strong" Ski which means a stiff flex that requires a lot of effort by the Skier to get the turns right. Atomic Ski are lightweight and affordable which you can further research at Atomic makes Ski for the advanced to expert Skier category.

Atomic Ski

Atomic can advise you on the sizing and tuning of their Ski. Atomic says that their Ski don't care how tall you are - it's your weight that matters. There is a factory set bevel for both the base and side of their Atomic Ski. When you go to the Ski shop for tuning, they recommend that the tuners reset the Ski to the original factory specifications.


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