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Ski clothing doesn't have to be boring but there is something sensible about staying warm in an attractive sweater. Pick a color, then match your jacket, pants, goggles and helmet or hat.

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Those guys going up the quad lift aren't just looking at your carving technique. You may be Olympic caliber but Ski clothing still makes you stand out. Maybe blue jeans and thermal underwear will make a come back but don't count on it. Look for discounts but as a smart buyer get the best Ski clothing your money can buy.

Where To Start

Start with your Ski jacket. Everything else follows. Find a color and style you like, then build around it. Jackets come in parka styles (the old traditional but practical stuff), soft shells, hard shells and even fleece (if its warm enough on the slope).

Ski Clothing

In the women's category, look at Alchemy, Helly Hansen (consider the two ply shell), North Face, Sport Obermeyer (for some really well priced jackets) and Marmot (high performance stuff for Skiing and even backcountry use). In the men's category (there is unisex), research Arc'Teryx (hard shell but lightweight), North Face (again, with a two layer Gore-Tex membrane), Mountain Hardwear (with their Conduit material stuff to keep the moisture out - no sweat), Patagonia (major player with very good stuff) and Men's Columbia (good prices).

There are also Ski clothing jacket lines for men by Helly Hansen, Sport Obermeyer, Descente, Marmot and Spyder. So shop around and get the best deal.

One Piece Ski Suits

Older traditionalists may prefer the one-piece Ski suit over individual jackets and pants, especially in the warming hut with kids. Major brands include Colouir, Columbia, Degre 7, Cacao, and Poivre Blanc. One piece Ski suits are produced in a wide palette of colors, from black and white to beige, yellow, pink and other tones.

Ski Pants

Let's get back to the older crowd. There is something to be said about the flexibility and style of matching jackets and pants. Designers have evolved anatomically different Ski pants to suit the shaping of men versus women. In women's wear, look at Skea, Couloir and Sessions (for snowboarding principally). For men, it's White Rock Salopettes and Ice Peak whose Ski pants are made out of a "hydrostatic head fabric" which gives you heat and moisture management to reflect the go and non-go aspects of alpine Skiing where one minute you're schussing the slope and the next minute sitting motionless on a wind-whipped chair lift.

Other Ski Equipment

Wear a Ski helmet. Don't be on a stretcher as you exit the slopes. Ski helmets should be mandatory for kids but you shouldn't try to be brain dead after a bad fall on the slopes. Look at Boeri, Giro, Leedom, Red and Uvex. A hard outer shell, lot's of ventilation, snug chin strap and a firm head contour fit are the key ingredients for a good, safe helmet.

You need Ski goggles to protect your eyes. Be sure they are compatible with your helmet - outside or inside - however you do it. Look for ultraviolet and glare blocking designs.




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