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Heli Skiing or helicopter skiing is the high end of backcountry skiing. No climbs, no adhesive Skins and no sweat. But it's expensive. So get the right Ski gear, book a group of friends and blast off for some challenging powder Skiing.

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Heli Skiing is getting to the top of the mountain by helicopter with an experienced guide team and a group of Skiers. It's the ultimate high in backcountry Skiing or snowboarding.

Heli Skiing TipsIf you are starting out at this very different type of Ski/board adventure, ask questions of the heli Skiing tour operators. You are going to be at the top of a high mountain with no way down but on your own. Safety, Ski gear and who is in your group matters.

Heli Skiing

Best to book your own pre-arranged group because mountain chemistry is important in an avalanche or bad fall. The Ski gear takes a little more time to work out than alpine Skiing. Safety starts out with the tour operator (helicopter record and maintenance), mountain statistics and rescue options. If weather conditions are bad (for your already scheduled Ski vacation), is there snow cat availability to get to the top of the mountain? And above all, pick the right slope for your ability and fitness. There are choices from beginner to advanced ungroomed slopes.

Ski Gear

This is a whole different world in the Ski equipment category. Sidecuts, fat Ski, Skins and all manner of off-piste stuff. There are no warming huts at the top for this adventure, so plan ahead.

For Ski, boots, bindings and poles, talk to the pros. You need Ski equipment designed for the mountain and deep powder extreme Skiing.

Temperatures will change from the summit, during the descent and at the base. Lightweight layering is best so you can add or reduce as the climate dictates. For your legs, two layers will work; a Gortex or Sympatex outer (in your backpack for the ascent) and a pair of sports pants of high quality tightly woven nylon or Spandex. For your upper body, try three layers like a vest, fleece and an outer Ski jacket. You'll need a hat (look for polartec material), gloves (or mittens that are waterproof and have an inner shell). Sun glasses should provide 100% UV protection and have side shades. And that will get you dressed for the backcountry or visit onthesnow.com .

British Columbia (Canada) Backcountry Skiing

British Columbia has a long tradition of backcountry Skiing. In the Canadian Rockies there is diverse terrain, plenty of powder and untouched wilderness which you can further explore at bcadventure.com


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