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Get a ski helmet and increase your comfort, safety and enjoyment while snow skiing. Learn about cool and functional helmet designs to match your goggles or other Ski wear.

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Safety Standards
The testing standard for Ski helmets is ASTM or Snell RS-98 certification. Be sure your purchase has one of these indicators on it. Head injuries from Ski accidents can kill you or leave you in a wheelchair. For a safety rating, the test guys put the Ski helmet through the kind of impacts you might experience on the slopes or more importantly in the woods. Every section of the Ski helmet is tested to verify its resilience and protective qualities.

Lids on Kids

Ski Helmet
Even if you're from the old school and stubborn about the subject, at least put your kids in the right Ski wear. Some important Ski people have gotten together to educate the rest of us on the subject It doesn't have to be expensive. There are even some "room to grow" models that provide excellent protection now and later.

Fitting Ski Helmets

It's all about size. If it doesn't fit, it's not going to work. It should rest level on the head with no rocking over the eyes or down the back of the neck. If you can't get it to sit properly on the head, then maybe look at another manufacturer for a different shape that does fit. But don't get it too tight - that doesn't work either.

Buying Tips

Look for lightweight shells with plenty of ventilation. The helmet shell should cover the entire head area. Racers use full face protection so it's not out of the question for free riders. Visors are cool for the X-factor look. The inner material should be durable and weatherproof. Look for auto-fit foam for the best fit and goggle grip lines to keep your Ski goggles on your face. The chin guard should be snug but comfortable. There's plenty to choose from.

Top Brands

Some of the more popular Ski and snowboard helmet makers are Giro, Boeri, Salomon, Leedom and K2. Each manufacturer has its own special models with various features, so go to your local Ski shop or sports shop and try on a model that looks good to you or makes sense for the kids.

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