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K2 Ski is a premier ski maker. They also own the snowboard equipment and apparel maker RIDE and its brand Liquid, Volkl Sports Holding AG, Marker Group and Marmot Mountain.

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A significant amount of K2 Ski products are sold through Wal-Mart. In order to find what is being offered at discount on K2 products go to walmart.com.

The California based K2 makes Ski under its own name, Olin and Volkl. The acquisition of Volkl helped expand the American brand K2 Ski and accessories to a more international position of marketing influence.

K2 has a strong female base of Ski equipment customers. The company likes to describe its other side of Ski as "families with the same mother but different fathers". The quote comes from a corporate marketing officer in an SEC filing.

K2 Alpine Ski

You want to get a Ski that basically matches your weight. If you are big, you want a stiff Ski. If you are smaller, a "soft" Ski will do the trick. Be sure to get bindings and boots that work with the Ski of your choice. A K2 Ski-binding system is not a bad idea.

You can find a huge selection of K2 Ski and bindings at rei.com. They carry All-Mountain Ski, Fat Ski, Freestyle Ski and a line of Ski for juniors (and yes) women.




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