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Kneissl is credited with inventing the super side-cut ski and snowboard. Kneissl has always had a brand name associated with top flight ski and continues to make excellent ski gear.

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Kneissl Ski are recognized as high performance designs based on a proprietary dampening and torsion control system. They also make free-ride models of Ski and snowboards.

When buying Kneissl products, start with the snow category you will be Skiing in. Some groupies like to break it down into high performance (the advanced guys), all mountain - with a backcountry bias or with a resort, groomed slope bias. And don't forget cross country Skiing. In more simple terms, do you want to do race courses, moguls, powder or all mountain.

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The best thing you can do is get some expert advice. Go to your local Ski shop or sports store and talk to a staff person who actually Ski. Talk about length of Ski, stiffness and the best binding and boots for the type of Skiing you're thinking about. If you're thinking about side-cuts (different widths at the tip, middle and tail) you need to consider radius and side-cut widths. It all works together so find the right Ski package for your needs and Skill level.

Once you find the right Kneissl Ski for you, go online for the best price and brand.





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