Ski Pants - Women's sizing

Ski pants keep you dry (and warm) but you also need the rest of the ski equipment wear like a jacket, helmet and goggles to go snow skiing.

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Shop for a rugged, breathable set of Ski pants at the same time you look for the accompanying jacket, helmet and goggles. There's a lot of stuff to look at so let's go through a brief primer.

What To Look For

It may sound strange, but even in blistering cold conditions, you are going to sweat (until you cool down in the lift line and go up the chair lift). Managing Skin-side body temperatures even while your outside Ski pants and other gear are submersed in arctic temperatures is perhaps the most important safety and comfort factor for you to sort out. So you want Ski wear that can breathe and at the same time protect you from the wet snow when you (inevitably) fall at the same time the wind hits your face and body. Look for Ski pants with short, regular or long inseams but also insulated, breathable and waterproof.

Ski Pants

Ski Pants

Ski clothing manufacturers are in the business of keeping you comfortable (and stylish) on the Ski slopes. Otherwise, they are out of business. So they spend a lot of money on research to accomplish what you are looking for in Ski wear - comfort and Ski ability.

Ski pants are a weather necessity for the slopes or backcountry but also a look-see consumer item for Skiers. Stay warm but look good. For snow Skiing, look for a side zip (for easy in/out), with breathable materials like Lycra spandex, tightly woven nylon or polyester that work on the slopes.

Look at Ski pants made by North Face, Arcteryx, Marmot and Mountain Hardware.

Other Stuff

You shouldn't try to go down the Ski slopes without a Ski jacket. Purchase a Ski jacket that matches your other Ski wear. Pick your color (yellow stands out just fine) and mix and match: yellow and black or red and orange. Go to the main Ski clothing manufacturers for Ski jackets like Alchemy, Helly Hansen, North Face, Sport Obermeyer or Marmot.

Ski Goggles

Look for Ski goggles that protect you from the sun and wind. Your new Ski goggles should have glare protection and 100% UV protection. Purchase several different colored lenses that you can interchange depending on the sun conditions on the slopes. Pick out a dark color for bright sun or amber color for overcast conditions.



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