Salomon Ski

Salomon have a full range of ski from excellent racing ski to junior ski. Salomon have a specific line of women's Ski. Salomon also make Ski poles, Ski helmets and a line of accessories like jackets, gloves, pants and bags.

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Salomon was started as a French Ski company by the family of Francois Salomon in 1947. Salomon Ski, boots and bindings are well regarded both in the Ski equipment industry and by customers alike.

If you go to the Salomon website they have a service that helps you find a Ski shop in your area that carries Salomon Ski gear.

Salomon Ski technology is always improving the performance of Ski, boots and bindings. Salomon spend considerable money on research and race-test their equipment under grueling conditions before releasing new design into the recreational Ski market segment.

Salomon Ski

Salomon Ski change every year. So do your research before you buy. It's always best to try out a demo Salomon Ski before you buy. By trying out a new Ski, you can get a feel for the Ski and whether it matches your Ski level. Are you an aggressive Skier or a beginner? You should be able to find a Salomon system of Ski-boot-binding that matches you ability and the type of Skiing you enjoy doing.





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