Ski Gear - Jackets, Pants, Hats

Find some cool ski gear for your ski vacation this season. Get some eye catching goggles or hot looking jacket and pants that match your hat.

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Ski gear doesn't come free but ski clothing shouldn't put you in a financial freezer with no way out. Look, compare and shop for the best stuff. Get a jacket that keeps you warm or pants that keep you dry.

Ski Clothing
Look good but be comfortable in your new ski gear. The blue jeans and thermal underwear look doesn't work anymore. Waterproof and breathable are the speak-ease of all the ski clothing manufacturers.

Ski Jackets
Nevertheless, it would appear from advertisements that all ski jackets are waterproof and made out of the best breathable material on the market. Look around for the best ski gear. Some of the popular companies that make good, affordable stuff are North Face, Arcteryx, Spyder, Marmot, Orage, Obermeyer and others.

Ski Equipment - Skiing

Ski Pants
Look for those bargain bottoms. Slide size. But don't compromise. Columbia innovates each season with new ski pant designs such as the Titanium Icy Bombshell T for women is a good deal. Go to for the best deals on hi-tech ski pants . Or carve up the slopes with some eye catching ski pants from Marker

Ski Hat
Make a statement with your ski gear. Shop for a knitted Watchman cap for warmth and style. It's not expensive - so go for it. Badges, buttons and lanyards also call out for attention. Pick a color - and make it yell.

Ski Goggles
You can't ski; but you want to look like you can. Pick out a pair of ski goggles that say you can. Shop, compare then order from Smith, Spy, Dragon or Oakley.

Don't look and ski like your old man. Buy some tough, warm stuff that protects you from the elements but catches the eye


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