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How did snow ski occur? Learn about snow skiing origins for hunting, transportation and then war.

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In the beginning there was snow. Then it occurred to some bright fellows to snow Ski. Once the burden of Skiing to survive subsided, there was an evolution in Ski equipment and Ski gear which naturally led to the development of Ski resorts.

Evidently, we have been at the snow Ski thing for centuries. The snow Ski was used at first for hunting and transportation in Scandinavia and Asia. Then we went to war (the Swedes and Finns defended themselves on Ski against the Russians in 1656) which of course put pressure on improving Ski equipment to out do the other guy. Survival of the fittest in Norway then Vail.

Ski Equipment - Skiing
Based upon cave drawings, the snow Ski has been around for a long time. The oldest proto-type is thought to be a short, wide Ski found in Sweden and dated to be over 4500 years old. The people of Norway (Telemark area) are given credit for developing the snow Ski into a sport. They improved Skiing turns (the Telemark and Christie turns) to slow down the daredevils who only wanted to push forward the downhill racing craze in town. Some bright fellow along the way thought it would be challenging to jump on Ski.

Ski Equipment

Snow Ski equipment was the same for everyone at first (including those jumpers). The boot (really just a shoe) was mounted at the toe to the Ski allowing the heel to move up and down like we now see with the Nordic or "Telemark" Ski. Skiing competition in the 1800's attracted a wider audience of Skiers which led to the recreational Skiers in the 1900's. As Skiing evolved from the rolling terrain of Norway to the steeper slopes of the Alps, Ski gear had to change to keep everyone upright and headed in the right direction - down, but not too fast down.

After the Second World War people started getting serious about Skiing. The Ski lift was invented which helped to start something called the Ski resort in Austria and Switzerland. As the Skiing got faster (the first Winter Olympics was in 1924) and more dangerous, the Ski manufacturers competed to make safer Ski equipment for Skiing.

Modern Ski Gear

As alpine Skiing became more popular (in the 1930's) the Ski boot was mounted at both the toe and heel. As people started going faster, Ski evolved from wood to composite materials. In order to stiffen the Ski boot, plastics replaced leather. Along the way, Ski poles improved and people even started wearing helmets.

So in the beginning there was snow and now there are Ski manufacturers who earn a living making Ski gear to help you enjoy the snow: Blizzard Ski; Dale Boot USA; Uvex Goggles

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