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Ski equipment should be selected for the type of skiing you have in mind and should match your level of skill as a skier. The right Ski for an advanced Skier may not be suitable for a beginner.

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The Ski equipment manufacturers all have their own special brands that are designed for different types of Skiing. Compare prices and look at product reviews. Visit the manufacturers online to find out what is new and what works for you:

Atomic ;Line ; Salomon; Rossignol; Dynastar; Volkl ; Head; and Fischer


Performance Ski

Ski Equipment - Skiing
Ski equipment starts with and revolves around the Ski. Performance enhancing Ski are lighter and stronger today because of new materials that allow the Skier to do more aggressive carving either in powder or hard crust. Look for materials that help dampen the vibration in the Ski like piezoelectric materials.

Ski Bindings for Different Terrain

Ski bindings should be chosen for the type of Skiing you plan to do. For instance, alpine touring bindings are not suitable for hard mogul Skiing. With any Ski binding you want accessible and releasable technology (easy to get in/easy to get out.) Look at a Karhu Telemark binding.

Good Fitting Ski Boots

Ski boots are one of the most important pieces of Ski equipment you can buy. You want the Ski boots to be comfortable and well fitted. The best way to approach the purchase of Ski boots is to find a local specialty Ski shop or sports store that has an experienced boot fitter. The boot fitter should ask you questions about your Skiing style and level of Skill. The best measurement technique for Ski boot fitting is known as MONDO point sizing. Pull out the Ski boot liner and try it on to see if your foot fits (with a little room to spare) while wearing a sturdy Skiing sock.

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