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Snowboard Gear - Core Equipment

Snowboard. Whether you're a 1 st -season novice or a multi-season intermediate, you'll be interested in the snowboarding equipment that will maximize fun, performance yet give you safety and protection from "unknowns".

You'll learn that boards or "sticks" come in a wide range of lengths, shapes and colors in order to match your body size, snowboarding experience and technique goals. Basic materials for snowboards these days include Kevlar, plastics, laminated woods, cork centers, and steel edges akin to alpine skis.

Selecting your 'stick' matches your weight and your height and shoe size in terms of getting the right-sized snowboard to fit you physically. You'll quickly discover whether you'll snowboard as a "regular" (rightie) or a "goofy" (leftie) board. Generally, right-handed folks feel more comfortable with the "regular" boards, calling for left foot forward and right foot back.

Snowboard Boot. Free rider and general purpose snowboarder boots basically come in "soft" or "hard" material construction, depending upon the primary use you'll give them. "Hard" shell boots are tipped towards the GS or downhill racer seeking high speeds.

Sizing And Materials. Locate the topics and web links to guide you on sizing and safety issues for your snowboard helmet as well as goggles. Learn also about the sophisticated materials technology underlying designs in snowboarding clothing including jackets and pants in order to give you body heat-cold management.

Safety Strategies. Safety factors begin with "how to" summaries on boarding's early lesson days, how you get toe side and heel side control for turning, accelerating, slowing down or "bailing" out of some extreme situation. Discover also in the "tips" sections your backcountry snowboarding safety guidelines for extreme gear, satellite navigation, and avalanche safety.

Get bottom line tips and strategies on everything from sizing your boots and board and helmet to safety strategies when boarding on varying terrains. Layered dressing strategies, "breathable" inner and outer fabrics, carrying extra water and food and even a transmitter to identify your location are some of the winter environment factors that smart boarders keep in mind when "hitting the slopes".

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