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The move from surf to snow in the early 1960s set up the conditions necessary to hatch a wave of future snowboard company ventures.

Earliest "snowboard" designs were scarcely more than wood planks joined along one edge, with a steering rope inserted in the "front". This original "snurfer" was neither a ski nor a sled nor a surfboard nor fish nor foul. Yet, it broke the design "ice" and prompted a rapid gestation of a new and radical snow sport.

Giro Helmet
Twenty years later, guys like Jake Burton and Tom Sims led the way with improbable innovations to the original snowboarding concept. Forming their own separate snowboarding company, Burton and Sims established some design standards with regards to overall board shape, size, and material composition.

When you go to select a free rider snowboard today, you get the result of some rather remarkable materials technologies used to design modern boards. Snowboarding company engineers and designer typically consider a range of physics factors when configuring a modern board. Boards are typically tested on a 30-degree inclined plane in order to determine relationships between gravity and friction based on varying weights of riders. Total surface area and friction rates are directly dependent upon the 'force' or weight of you, the boarder, driving into the stomp plate at the center of the board.

Safety and construction integrity are key to the design and construction processes. Snowboard company designers dig deeply into materials, focusing in particular on the thermal properties of each material that might be used in a 'composite' or multi-layered construction. To keep you, the rider, safe atop your board the designers must be certain that no one material carries some thermal anomaly which might result in a distortion or material breech.

You need to look on your board near the 'nose' for several digits which relate to the board's structural parameters and to your weight, shoe size and experience. Don't hesitate to talk to the shop pros in order to get the right match.

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