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First things first, dude. How are you gonna select the right snowboard equipment if you're just starting out, and not even a flailing novice slipping or perhaps careening chaotically across the slope? Are you gonna be a "regular" (rightie) or are you a natural born "goofy" (leftie)? If you kick a soccer ball rightie and write with your right hand, then you can safely assume that your board should be a 'regular'. All the rest of you will be looking at "goofy" or leftie boards as your core snowboard equipment decision.

Snowboard Equipment
Your online snowboard gear advisor will quickly guide you through the many board choices based on your height, weight, shoe size, boarding experience and technique goals. Most free riders need a board long enough and wide enough to prevent your boot toes from interfering with your turning. Get your weight true because your overall weight exerts a downward force at the center of your board (directly through the stomp plate, to visualize the force vector and physics). Downward force = flex which impacts the shape of the board during your carves. Get your snowboard equipment wrong and you create a permanent yet imperceptible 'drag' on performance.

When evaluating snowboard sale information, remember that you need weather protection as well as a grasp of safety fundamentals. Backcountry snowboard equipment includes a daypack, flashlight, a space safety blanket, spare dry shirt, water, an energy bar, along with a cell phone.

Snowboard gear needs to address the fickle and extreme weather conditions found during winter. Some days start off blowy and damp in the mid 30s and then like in Vermont suddenly tumble to minus 0 F. Your snowboard pants and jacket need to not only repel moisture even while letting a certain amount of heat escape, they must also insulate and protect you if the weather "turns" unexpectedly foul.

Get mittens rather than gloves in order to provide greater warmth and protection. Pants and jackets should be waterproof breathable in the manner of Gore Tex or equivalent materials. Goggles should offer multiple tint lenses corresponding to the varying light levels during the day.

Event he best snowboard equipment can't protect you from yourself if you're risk prone. However, to maximize your fun even while you test your Ollie skills inside the half pipe, you should snowboard with a buddy. Face plants, flips, butt flops are part of the terrain for all boarders. Getting lost alone on a mountain is serious stuff so make sure that your fun stays within well-defined boundaries. Play hard.

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