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Winter is cold. We all know that. No small wonder that snowboard gear manufacturers continue to push the margins of material and design technologies, looking for the optimal balance of lightweight, warmth, and overall performance. Like pants, jackets and helmets, snowboard gloves have been revolutionized by the design marriage of waterproof yet breathable fabrics in the category of Gore Tex with impact and abrasion-resistant materials such as Cordova nylons.

Boarders can now get a lightweight yet high-tech performance glove that provides some strategically placed padding for joint and tissue protection as well as virtually weather proof.

Your best choice in a snowboard glove is to select a mitten style product which will fasten up and over your cuffs, which typically keeps your fingers warmer than a fingered glove. By getting a longer profile glove or mitten you can create an effective barrier to snow and ice worming its way into your sleeves or onto your hands. If you still prefer a fingered snowboard glove, then look into wearing a thin liner glove as a protective barrier to the cold. Last, but certainly not least, the cold weather snots most noses into a free-run condition all day, so you'll want to wipe your nose on a soft fleece patch sewn onto the backside of your glove.

Snowboarding Gloves

Padding in your snowboard glove meets a number of necessary conditions created by free riders as well as trick riders and pro racers alike. Lacking ski poles for balance and crouching lower for a balanced position while you carve the mountain, you'll instinctively reach out with your hands to "brace" or even "brake" your ride, especially when your speed out-strips your skill and you begin to "lose it". Hand-stops inevitably lead to finger and wrist injuries which are consistent with snowboarding injury trends. Greatest injuries occur to the extremities, such as fingers, wrists, elbows and knees which curiously "get in the way" when you unexpectedly execute a face plant or bail out mid-mountain. Ankles remain protected by your boots and bindings.

While not "top of mind" when buying your snowboard gloves, consider falling as one key function for your hand gear. Knowing how to somersault while falling forward, yet keeping your hands relaxed, open and fingers curled could save you a trip to the orthopedic surgeon's office. Similarly, grabbing your edge or even leaning into the mountain for a hand-slide does generate immediate balance and stability so make sure that your snowboard glove is up to the task.

Da Kine snowboard glove products can be found at Dakine, Hood River, OR 97031 Tel: 541. 386. 3166

K2 snowboard glove designs can be found at K2 Corporation

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