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Get the best deal on snowboard goggles from name brand snowboard companies. Dress smart on the mountain with safety, enhanced vision and great looks.

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Face plants and unplanned flips in either direction bring home the need for snowboard goggles and eye protection. You just never know what part of the mountain will try to get under your eyelid!

Great online deals especially pre-season offer top brand names such as Oakley snowboard goggles in a huge selection of sizes, shapes, and lens choices. Similar to other snowboard clothing and gear choices, your goggles are not merely street-corner cool add-ons to your on-slope demeanor, rather stand out as key eye protection to save you from a stray branch or ice crystal from getting to your eyes and causing damage.

Snowboarding Goggles
An unstated feature of buying your snowboard goggles such as a good pair of Oakleys is that you need to board defensively. In other words, great carving, executing a 360-degree spin or a heel grab is only as cool as your ability to land it without having to bail. And, bailing means knowing how to fall smart. Experienced boarders avoid face plants and out-of-control falls by relaxing and somersaulting into the fall line or simply dropping down to their butts rather than hit a stationary object full-on. Naturally, by bailing smartly you avoid unseemly crashes which could damage your brain and eyes, an especially un-cool thing to do.

Snowboard goggles also protect you from UV radiation, which on those rare and intense blue sky boarding days mid-winter and early spring, can wreak serious havoc on your cornea. Similarly, your snowboard goggles shield your eyes from sudden gusts of snow powder as well as rain, leaving you with unperturbed vision so that you can continue carving.

To keep gear costs down yet connect your gear items so that you don't lose items, check to see if your snowboarding pants have a carabineer clip so that you can attach your goggles when you're not wearing them.

Prices for snowboard goggles vary according to the model and whether you pick a multi-lens model in order to be able to board at night or in any daylight condition.

Quick link: Oakley snowboard goggles can be researched at Oakley, Inc. of Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Tel: 800.431.143

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