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Your snowboard jacket separates you from some potentially mean winter weather.

You'll need to keep the snow and rain out, and some body heat in, without over-cooking either you or the Ollies you'll be performing slope side.

Keys to the best snowboard jacket include some form of waterproof breathable outer fabric, equivalent to or made from patented Gore Tex materials. Most snowboarding coats are cut with a loose open style in order to give you freedom of movement along with ample space for layering of underneath garments.

Snowboarding Jacket

Beneath your snowboard jacket you want to layer with light minimally absorbent synthetics and/or polypro materials. Avoid cottons which absorb huge amounts of body moisture and can cause potentially significant threat to your body core temperatures. Cotton absorbed with moisture could act as a thermal "chill" to make you colder. Taken to its extreme, improper clothing combined with an on-slope snowboarding accident or a situation where a boarder becomes lost and you've got a serious and potentially lethal combination.

Your snowboarding coat should be long enough to cover your belt line, leaving to your pants the job of keeping you lower legs and butt dry and chafe-free. Most boarders wear long mittens with reinforced palms which ride over the cuff of your jacket. Also, investigate whether your snowboarding coat offers a hood large enough to fit over your helmet or hat without blocking your lateral side vision.

Your snowboard jacket typically provides large pockets which you can use to carry all sorts of stuff such as food, wallet and of course a No.2 Philips head screwdriver for making binding or gear adjustments while out on the slope.

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