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Executing a back flip heel grab 540 takes one set of guts and skill. Getting the right snowboard clothing to handle the job takes another skill. Cotton jeans and Levis push over. You have no future place on the mountain these days. Not when snowboard pants offer wind and weatherproof capability, thermal regulation to keep your core temperature just right and the arctic cold in its place. on the outside rather than next to your skin.

Now a days boarders like you can pick from snowboard outerwear designed as "separates" with a jacket independent of your pants. Or, entirely integrated one-piece outfits can protect you, especially if you're inclined towards back country and extreme conditions.

Look into the many design feature offered by snowboard pants manufacturers. You can get pants with wide belt loops worn like a pair of jeans during après boarding nighttime pursuits. Or, look into snowboard pants designed as full length bibs, extending your coverage and protection up over your chest and back. You'll get a lot of comfort for layering your under garments when you select bib pants.

Snowboarding Pants

The thing about snowboard clothing is that you'll be making some serious contact with the mountain, with unplanned face plants or butt plants or other spontaneous flails resulting in your loading up with snow. Your outerwear needs to be not only cool and comfortable, but it has to do the job of keeping you dry and heat-balanced, meanwhile offering abrasion reinforcement at the knees and butt where you'll be punishing it most.

Viewed at the widest angle, snowboard clothing extends to the two layers of socks you'll wear, a thin polypro like inner sock layered beneath a cushiony and insulating wool or wool blend sock. Also, your outerwear needs to balance the several inner layers you'll have on so that you can add-on or strip down subject to the day's temperatures. Gloves, helmet, goggles, and even a daypack might complete your clothing set up. Once you've made your core investment, your snowboard outerwear needs will be met for years.

Take a spin into the following manufacturer web sites for additional suggestions.

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Salomon gear can be researched at Salomon, Annecy-Le-Vieux, St. Maurice, SA

Four square snowboard outerwear can be researched at San Clemente, CA 92673 Tel: 949.369.8730

Holden snowboard outerwear can be researched at Holden

Oakley snowboard clothing can be researched at Oakley, Inc. of Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Tel: 800.431.1439

Billabong snowboard clothing can be researched at or in Australia Tel: 61.755.899.899 or USA 949.753.7222

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