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Discover the best online snowboard shop for all this season's gear needs. Snowboarding gear including boards, helmets, goggles, pants and more on sale.

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If you're looking for the coolest gear, then stay online and browse the many snowboard shops offering all you need for this winter's boarding season and more. You can get the right gear at the right prices to look good yet ensure that you stay comfortable, dry and warm during the winter season.

Like bricks and mortar sport shop retailers, your online snowboard shop handles the top brand names in the industry such as K2, Burton, Ride, Salomon and more. A Quick Link summary of major snowboard companies is shown below.

Snowboard Boots

Boards or "sticks" come in a wide range of lengths, shapes and colors in order to match your body size, snowboarding experience and technique goals. Basic materials for boards these days include Kevlar, plastics, laminated woods, cork centers, and steel edges akin to alpine skis. Your snowboard shop crew will get your height, weight and experience before advising on boards to match your experience level. In order for these guys to get you set up right, you need to be accurate about weight because board flex and bow related to turning ease bear closely on your size, since the force of your weight is directed to the center of the board and then out to the toe edge or heel edge depending upon how you're leaning.

Online snowboard shop sports advisors will point out to you that your board-boots-binding represents an integrated system that locks you comfortably into your gear. Free riders generally prefer the soft boot with either a 2-strap set up or step in toe-heel or side-to-side bindings, with a safety harness coming off the bindings to your ankle. From several hundred dollars on up you can get some first class snowboarding gear to start you out.

In order to buy snowboard accessories for maximizing your comfort and safety from the weather elements, you should get loose fitting water proof Gore Tex like materials, with leg lengths to go over your boots so as to keep powder snow and rain from traveling to your socks and feet. Know your waist size and leg length and then browse over the many color tones and materials to choose from for either guys or gals' gear choices.

Doing an Ollie or heel grab or a heel side 540 may be top in your mind for your mini-me version of X Games. If so, then make sure that you get a top notch air ducted snowboard helmet along with goggles in order to protect your brain case, ears and eyes from the undoubted banging and clanging that will occur as you experiment with on-slope techniques.

Quick links:
Vans snowboard equipment can be researched at Vans, Inc. at Santa Fe Springs, CA 90677 or Tel: 800.826.7800

Burton snowboard gear can be researched at Burton, Inc.

K2 snowboarding gear can be researched at K2 Corporation

32 snowboard equipment can be researched at Life Lounge of St. Kilda Road, St. Kilda, Victoria Australia 3182

Salomon snowboard gear can be researched at Salomon, Annecy-Le-Vieux, St. Maurice, SA

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