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Now that you're an experienced half-piper and able to do Ollies, back flips and what not, you should create your own snowboard video to capture your edge, while you've got it.

Portable hand held video cams are the real deal. Shove on into your jacket, head up the slope and you can pick the shooting mode that best suits your mood and day.

A day time shot gives you the creative space to pick any number of locations, either on trail or back country. Imagine creating your own snowboard poster image of yourself, hanging 10 off a rock or cliff face, captured mid-air with the snow and rocks cutting away below you and an arctic blue and cold sky overhead!

While buddy boarding with a partner gives you the chance to set up the shot location and be your own star, there remain a number of possibilities for you to both shoot and star. In the spirit of ski film maker, Warren Miller, a number of home and professional snowboard videos have been shot that capture a boarder and your favorite mountain with true-to-form fidelity, inclusive of shouts and shrieks as you nail a 540. Taken further from a simple video clip, your deal can be extended into a personal snowboarding movie with edits, voice-overs and music sound tracks to stoke the audience.

Snowboarding Video Movie

A great thought for using your snowboarding media is to lift an image and then digitize it into a stream of snowboarding screen saver images. You could even take a half-pipe sequence or a jump sequence, break down each frame and then digitize it, saving into your PC or laptop's screen saver utility directory.

Cool ideas for snowboarding videos are unlimited in terms of location, the group of boarders you want to shoot, as well as the scale of time for the video. Imagine doing a series of individual shots over several years, with you performing a particular stunt each time, only getting better with every take.

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