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Pick the right women's snowboard. Learn about snowboard sizing and performance factors along with fitness strategies.

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You girls are attacking the slope but want to get the right women's snowboard to suit your needs. What do you look for in snowboard sizing in order to maximize your fun and boarding performance?

To begin with, understand that the three basic styles of 'sticks' or boards determine most of the user criteria when selecting a women's snowboard for yourself. Free rider or all mountain boards as well as free style boards work out well for beginners as well as more advanced boarders. These boards are typically four to five feet in length and curved at either end, accordingly can be 'ridden' in either direction, which is to say "regular" (rightie) or "goofy" (leftie). The other women's snowboard class is the Alpine racing board, which is longer and narrower, requires a hard case snowboard boot and step-in bindings, and with greater speeds requires an experienced ballsy athlete.

Women's Snowboards
After determining your basic skill level it's time for some snowboard sizing in order to get the right fit. The primary physical factors at this point include your height, your true weight, your boot size and your attitude and approach to the sport in terms of aggressiveness. Online sports shop guys will point out to you that the sizing of your board reflects the underlying physics of the sport itself. Specifically, your weight creates a down ward force through the stomp plate or center of your board. Too little weight means that your board has not flexed sufficient to give you ground contact and leverage for carving turns. Too much weight on too small a board produces the opposite problem of "deadening" the board by creating too much ground contact and friction, which impedes control and performance. Burton custom snowboard models may be a good early candidate for you to review.

Women's snowboard boots is the next area for you to sort out. Unlike the hard shell alpine ski boot design, women's snowboard boots are typically soft construction with a high back support piece designed from the binding to reach up to your mid-calf in order to increase your heel side leverage and control over the board. Be aware that sizing up for your board also means that your shoe size is another key factor. Optimally, you want your boot toe to come up to the outer "toe" side edge of your board, and not extend out over the edge nor fall short of the edge. Reason? Leverage and control on toe side carves or jumps.

Package prices for snowboarding gear vary. Pre-season and online deals flourish each year in order to move the latest design advances to a growing population of boarders.

Vans snowboard equipment can be researched at Vans, Inc. at Santa Fe Springs, CA 90677 or Tel: 800.826.7800

Burton snowboard gear can be researched at Burton, Inc.

K2 snowboarding gear can be researched at K2 Corporation

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