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Learn about youth, adult and amateur league softballs from online softball gear experts. Select high performance safe softball in 10 inch to 16 inch sizes for game and practice play.

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Matching Softballs To Your Practice And Game Needs

As the spring and summer team training begins, you want to re-supply your softballs supply and related softball equipment while you still have the time and money. Incremental changes in softball design continue to improve performance, as well as giving players and teams performance choices. Look over the following guideline discussion of what's presently available in the softball sports gear segment online.

    Softball Ball
  • Fast Pitch Play Best Performance. Softballs carry out a Jeckyl and Hyde existence where batters want a ball that gives them an advantage over pitchers, whereas pitchers seek a softball that will give them ‘action' and a ‘leg up' over hitters. More competitive performance oriented fast pitch players seek softballs with raised seams or stitching, analogous to baseballs, in order to develop more movement on sliders, curve balls, rising pitches, and knuckle balls. Your crème de la crème fast pitch softball will have league approved raised seams, will be finished in hard wearing leather or synthetic leather, and will be offered in high visibility white or yellow.
  • Safety, Softballs And Youth Play. One of the advantages of soft pitch softball is that 50% of the speed and safety risk has been removed, since pitchers are obliged to gently lob the ball in a looping elliptical arc towards home plate, rather than generate the over 80 MPH fast pitch speeds. Notwithstanding that pitcher's constraint, a softball still comes off the bat at high speeds, therefore continues to represent some degree of player risk. Slow pitch leagues deal with this injury and speed-of-play issue by instructing softball equipment manufacturers to develop balls with a soft polyurethane or equivalent soft material center. As you research softballs for youth play, look into the poly core models beginning at 10 inch through to 12 inch diameters.
  • Softball Design And Construction. Mirroring the baseball equipment markets, softball designs essentially reduce to buying all leather or synthetic leather composite materials. Players will typically get a better ‘feel' from the raised seam all leather softball, however synthetic covers can typically give you a hard wearing long lasting practice ball. Additionally, look into the range of plastic softballs, game size, however constructed in hard porous plastic in order to give you hours of practice play.
  • Softballs For Pitching Machines. For players and teams looking to seriously upgrade their batting skills, you might investigate the range of portable pitching machines made by outfits such as Jugs, Iron Mike or Atec. Some of these firms may have a model adapted to the larger softball size. What you get is high speed and high volume batting practice with a robot pitcher who's ‘arm never gets tired'. Some pitching machines may hold over 50 balls.
Special Purpose Softballs . Plan your budget around lower cost synthetic cover practice balls, a separate allocation for the balls used in a pitching machine if you have the equipment and batting cage set up, and then game balls constructed with leather covering. Also, an enhancement in softballs design is the introduction of high visibility white and yellow coloring, which makes the ball easier to see for hitting and catching, plus may lower risks of ball injuries.


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