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KORG microX Music Synthesizer

The microX by KORG is a compact and portable music synthesizer delivering plenty of sonic power, advanced control and up-to-date integration with computer-based music programs.

Packed with a full complement of sounds generated by the acclaimed HI synthesis system, this synth is a perfect complement to any music genre and is designed to fit into any home or on-the-go studio, production style or performance scene.

In addition to classic KORG waveforms, many new PCM forms were created specifically for the microX with special emphasis on cutting edge synth and dance sounds, as well as unique ethnic timbres. Use four effects simultaneously; one insert effect, 2 master effects and one master EQ, chosen from the 89 different types, many of which include real-time modulation and tempo-based control. The 640 programs cover all music styles allow you to take full advantage or this synth’s rich array of dance and electronica, to traditional an acoustic sounds. You can combine up to 8 programs in combo mode to make even more complex tones; 384 combos come preloaded.

Compact size, user-friendliness, and full-range voicing care make this great sounding little synth a perfect expander sound module for desktop studios and, additionally, the microX makes a superb MIDI controller too. The 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard lets you tweak and modulate internal sounds, effects and arp parameters, while the 4 knobs can be used via the external control function to control up to 12 parameters on computer DAW software, soft synths and hardware sound/effects modules. Dual-polyphonic arpeggiators provide a great shortcut to even more music creativity with 251 different phrases, or create your own original patterns. In addition to the 2-channel output, microX provides 2 individual outputs that can be used for specific parts independently.

The microX by KORG packs a whole range of sounds and professional functionality into a sweet compact package. Fits easily into any production environment you can cook up and meshes well with any genre, the micro X gives you plenty of freedom setting up a unique performance system. It even comes standard with a plastic carrying case for convenience, not protect it from the world, but to protect the world from it!

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