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KORG R3 Synthesizer Vocorder

The R3 Synthesizer Vocorder by KORG delivers powerful synthesizer sounds, forms and features in a compact yet professional and aesthetically pleasing package.

This full-fledged synth provides an easy and affordable way for all manners of musicians to enjoy sophisticated synthesis and advanced sound creation. Its light, compact body packs 37 full-sized velocity-sensitive with 2-timbre, eight-voice performance power.

The R3’s sound generation section uses the same legendary Multiple Modeling Technology as the KORG RADIAS, delivering thick, gutsy and crisp analog sound. With 128 programs in 16 banks of 8, the R3 boasts 2 timbres (when using layer, split or multi), up to 8-voice polyphony, and 16 formant motion data sets. The large 2-line, 8-character LCD display and 4, 1-line, 8-character sub displays are easy to read and intuitively placed. A very wide range of inputs and outputs makes the R3 great for any DJ or performance rig. The 16-channel vocorder allows you to do all sorts of wacky stuff with vocals including an adjustable level and pan or each channel. The arpeggiator has six types: up, down, alt ½, random, trigger, individual step on/off function.

Ins and outs:
• Audio input 1 is a balanced XLR with mic/line switch (600 Ohm imp., max -33 dBu)
• Input 2 is an unbalanced 1/4” phone jack (600 Ohm imp., max -10 dBu)
• L/MONO, R ¼” unbalanced phone jack
• ¼” stereo headphone jack
• Assignable footswitch
• MIDI in
• USB type B connectivity
• DC 12V, 6.5 W AC adapter included
• Gooseneck mic included

The R3 Synthesizer vocorder can be used just for fun or for serious musicians looking to take their set up to the next level and add a new facet to their music. If you feel like your music is ‘missing something’, try adding throwing a R3 into the mix. KORG has been ruling the synthesizer world for long enough to know what it takes and the R3 has it all.

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