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KORG RADIAS Synthesizer Vocorder

Adding to their ever-growing list of amazing and innovative instruments, KORG brings you every synthesist’s dream: the RADIAS Synthesizer Vocorder.

Based on KORG’s cutting-edge MMT engine, the RADIAS 23-voice synthesizer offers a range of synthesis algorithms together with multiple effects, new comb filter and wave shaping features, modulation sequencing and new formant-motion vocoding for the ultimate vocorder synth available.

The innovative design of this instrument can be custom configured to suit you style and setup with a control module that can be used independently or teamed up with the dedicated keyboard, delivering a seamlessly integrated instrument. Now available with operating system 2.0, many new features such as additional patch destinations, KORG Komponent System support and RADIAS sound editor are included.

The MMT synth engine borrows much of its modeling from OASYS giving you only the cleanest, pure waveforms even at the highest frequencies. 2 oscillators for each timbre are provided delivering formant waveforms, noise, ring modulation, sync and more in addition to modeled analog waveforms. The dual-filter structure allows the 2 filters to be used individually, side by side, or in series for max versatility. 3 envelope generators apply time-varying changes to pitch, filter cutoff, and amp level, while the 2 LFOs with 6 waveforms can apply cyclic changes to a host of synth parameters.

But that’s not nearly all! The RADIAS provides a 16-band vocorder that allows the level and pan of each band to be individually adjusted for an even wider range of sounds. And the effect section has a 2-band EQ and 2 insert effects for each timbre plus master effect for the complete program giving you a total of 9 possible effects simultaneously. Loaded with 256 programs , 32 drum kits, and 16 formant motion sets, each program can consist of our timbres, each assignable to its own note range, output, MIDI channel, and control parameters.

Choose the RADIAS model right for you! Consisting of a sound module section plus a dedicated 49-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard with pitch and mod wheels. The lavish complement of knobs and buttons gives you the same intuitive feeling of an analog synth, but with all the conveniences of futuristic design elements. However you get down, the RADIAS will be right there with you making your sound that much more impressive. Enjoy rocking with the RADIAS by KORG!

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