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Roland JUNO D Limited Edition Synthesizer

The Juno-D is a high quality and full-featured limited edition synthesizer developed by Roland. A convenient light-weight coupled with astonishing affordability make the Juno-D an ideal choice for the practicing or performing musician.

The Juno-D offers high quality sound at a fraction of the cost of its contemporaries, this 61-note synthesizer features 706 sound patches that include 66 of the latest most popular beats along with an 88-note stereo multi-sampled piano, 80's synth sounds and rock organs by Jon Lord.

The Juno-D is compatible with GM2 and its keyboard feel has been redeveloped for a genuine key vibe. It's powerful and all the while highly portable! The Juno-D is convenient and loaded with features you wont find anywhere else, an amazing arpeggiator with 400 arpeggio/phrase templates for instant and automatic sonic animation. 47 multi-effects (8 reverb and 8 chorus-type) and finger chord triggering translate into an easy musical distortion for a higher level of invention and expression.


61-note synthesizer

improved keyboard feel, GM2 compatibility
New patches featuring 88-note stereo multi-sampled piano, legendary rock organs by Jon Lord, and ’80s Vintage synth sounds.

Patches organized in categories such as Orchestra, Piano, Guitar, etc.

47 multi-effects, 8 reverb types, 8 chorus types

Powerful arpeggiator, 400 phrase/arpeggio templates for automatic sonic animation

24 Multi Chord memory (one-finger chord triggering; 32 Rhythm Guide metronome with preset patterns and variations)

Compatible with super lightweight design for mobility and attractive, durable aluminium panel

Mac/PC editing software included

Roland's Juno-D is a high quality synthesizer that offers its user many features and an affordable price. The Juno-D is completely under the radar, sleek and compact, its a powerhouse of sound with many features you just cant find in other synthesizers of its class. With 706 sound patches and an 88-note stereo multi-sampled piano, never tire of adding, rearranging, and distorting sound! The Juno-D makes anything possible, so make your rhythm compositions as unique and expressive as you desire.

Overall, the Juno-D outshines its competition, with many many features and a new and improved keyboard feel, with this synthesizer its impossible to go wrong.

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