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Roland JUNO G Workstation 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard

The Juno-G is an extension of Rolands already popular and affordable Juno series. Without a doubt the Juno-G is a high quality and user-friendly synthesizer that's perfect for studio practice or stage performance. Make your sessions a breeze with this amazing synthesizer keyboard!

The Juno-G's powerful synthesizer shares the same high-force processor as Roland's extraordinary Fantom-X series. World class performance features and easy operability make so the Juno-G gives its user freedom to focus on music, not on equipment. Its affordability coupled with its streamline overall design and excellent sound engine make the Juno-G a perfect option for the musician looking for convenience and quality but who doesn't want to break the bank.

To accommodate the multitasker, the Juno-G features an expansive 16-track song recorder with 4 channels of audio recording. The dedicated front panel of the Juno-G is laid out with transport controls and a mixer bringing a new level of ease to user sessions.


The Juno-G is an advanced music making sound station that comes with 1,000 built-in sound patches, many of them coming from the hottest songs of today. The Juno-G lets you expand your sounds! With the Juno-G even more sounds to be added via SRX expansion.The SRX slot allows its user to customize by expanding the sound set, a level of personalization that will be reflected in the final product. This workstation synthesizer keyboard comes with 61 touch sensitive keys, a large display, USB port for MIDI transfers, PC card slot for storage and much much more, the Juno-G is the ideal choice if your looking for an affordable synthesizer, outshining all others of its class.

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