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Roland JUNO-STAGE 76 Key 128 Voice Expandable Synthesizer

The state of the art JUNO-STAGE was developed by Roland with the professional musician in mind. An new and advanced breed of synthesizer, the JUNO-STAGE is a master-class instrument that any performer would love, with all its features and friendly price you cant go wrong with this 128-voice expandable synthesizer.

An extra large LCD, hands-free patch select, instant MIDI control functionality, a click output for drummers, dedicated performance knobs and many many more features make this synthesizer a perfect addition to stage performances, streamlining every inch of the process for greater expression and user convenience.

The JUNO-STAGE sets a new standard for onstage performers, effortless access to banks of your most important patches with FAVORITE buttons, your sounds are always at the tips of your fingers! A 76-note synth-action keyboard and a high quality versatile sound set that includes a 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano taken from the Fantom-X. In addition, two SRX expansion slots for further sound-set composition customization the JUNO-STAGE will quickly become an indispensable addition to performance equipment.


High-quality, versatile sound set, including 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano, plus 2 open SRX expansion slots for soundset customization

Newly-developed 76-note synth-action keyboard with first-class touch and response

Live-performance features such as an extra-large LCD, dedicated Reverb and Master EQ knobs,

Click output for drummers, and hands-free patch-select capabilities

Top panel USB port enables accompaniment-track playback (MP3, .WAV, AIFF, SMF) directly from USB key

Phantom-powered mic input, plus reverb and vocoder, great for playing and singing along

MIDI Controller mode transforms JUNO-STAGE into a MIDI master keyboard with a single touch – perfect when using the JUNO-STAGE with a computer

The JUNO-STAGE is a versatile and advanced instrument for studio recording and onstage performance, it sets a new standard for professional-grade equipment. Roland created the JUNO-STAGE step by step with the performer in mind, adding feature after feature to make this synthesizer the most versatile and convenient on the market. The sound engine of this 128-voice Expandable synthesizer is of the highest quality and offers its user a 76-note synth-action keyboard coupled with an 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano taken straight from Roland's well-known Fantom-X and two SRX expansion slots for greater user customization(the Wave Expansion Boards are sold separately).

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