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Roland SH 201 49 Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer

The SH 201 was developed by Roland especially for the musician new to synthesizers. This synthesizer was made to make synthesis extremely user-friendly.

For the synth professional, it puts the fun back into synthesis and will make you remember why you began to love it in the first place! Fun and easy to operate, the SH 201 is no toy and has a powerful sound machine that offers two analog-modeling oscillators with Roland's famous Supersaw waveforms and resonant filter.

This amazing synthesizer has an overdrive control for the addition of a crazy edge to your sound and also has an arpeggiator for instant and automatic rhythmic motion. Add depth and dimension to your rhythmic composition! With reverb and a high-quality delay effects its possible to bring another level of complexity and expression to your sound. The SH-201 makes the process of synthesizing easy!

The front panel lays everything out for you and controls are logically positioned from left to right, directly at the players fingertips. To begin, all the user has to do is begin playing, moving the knobs and sliders, its that simple and easy! There isn't another synth on the market today that's as inviting, fun and user-friendly.

Roland's SH-201 gives its user options! Play the SH-201 from its keyboard or plug in external audio sources to it's internal input (CD's, sampler, MP3-player etc, etc.), the sound can be easily modified with the front panel knobs and sliders or by waving your hands over the SH-201's invisible D Beam for a dramatic sound modulation. Both audio and MIDI can be routed through the SH-201 USB port and its user can easily connect the SH-201 to a computer (Mac or PC) for live performance.


Roland's SH-201 is ideal for anyone interested in synthesis! It's extreme user-friendliness makes it perfect for the musician new to synthesis and its versatility and simplicity make it fun and exciting for the synth pro. The SH-201 is easy to operate and fun but its also a power-house of sound!

Offering two analog-modeling oscillators, Roland's famous Supersaw waveform and resonant filter, this synth is no toy. High quality effects such as Reverb and delay give the user of Roland's SH-201the ability to add depth and complexity to his or her sound. Nothing is hidden! Spend little to no time getting accustomed to the SH-201, with all controls laid out before you in the front panel, synthesis has never been easier!

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