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Roland VP 550 49 Key Vocal Instrumental Ensemble Arranger Keyboard

If you have you ever wanted a choir to help build a composition, Roland's VP 550 delivers the highest quality backing vocals around. Don't have the space onstage or in the studio for a classical or gospel choir? No worries!

The VP 550 offers the most advanced vocal-modeling technology bringing your sound to a new level. When only the highest quality will do! Roland's VP 550 is a dedicated instrument with interactive vocal sounds that will astonish you and your audience, making you believe you have an army of singers trapped inside this power-house of sound creation. Classical choirs, soul-filled gospel choirs, jazz and pop vocals, male and female ensembles, lush string and vocal hybrids and a vintage vocoder make this instrument the ideal companion of the professional musician.

The VP 550 is highly advanced but easy to operate! Just connect a mic, select a sound a begin to create! For gigs or recording sessions this high-tech instrument developed by Roland is ideal for all your music creation and modification needs. The human voice is the most expressive and complex musical instrument of all, with the VP 550 you have all of its range and feel at the tip of your fingers!

Features at a glance:

The VP 550 is a highly versatile and advanced vocal and ensemble keyboard. The VP 550 delivers straight to your finger tips highly realistic interactive vocal sounds. Classical choirs, gospel choirs, pops, male/female ensembles and a vocoder, the human voice is the most expressive of instrument and with the use of this powerful tool, the limit of complexity and expression is set by you. With ultra-realistic "virtual vocals", you can generate sounds from your own voice!

Whatever your needs, the VP 550 gives you the backing vocal options you want. The VP 550 delivers interactive and expressive vocals! Equipped with top of the line string sounds that are easily blended together with vocal effects, the VP 550 is a handy and powerful tool for your sessions. High-resolution vocoder modeling can be used for a variety of surreal sound generation-perfect for R&B, electronica, pop, hip-hop and more. Inject your sound with a blast from the past with the VP 550's amazing built-in vocoder!

"Robot voice" will charm any audience and make recording sessions more complex without having to buy a separate vocoder. Use the VP 550 for a variety of musical applications. Ideal for the solo performer or small groups in need of real-time backing chorus, the VP 550 saves time and money. With such advancement, the VP 550 outshines all others of its class and is a good investment for any musician looking for the highest quality vocals and streamlined equipment on the market today.

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