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Roland V Synth GT 61 Key Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

The V-Synth developed by Roland brought synthesis to a new level allowing its user the greatest freedom of expression and custom sound design, it won numerous awards and completely transformed the way musicians created sounds and performed.

The advancement of synthesis didn't stop there for Roland, as the best can always do better and that's where the V-Synth GT comes in. The V-Synth's power and complexity are distilled into the V-Synth GT, with features that you wont find anywhere else.

Couple the V-Synth's amazing Elastic Audio Synthesis engine with Roland's new and revolutionary Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology and you have an instrument that manifests the only the highest form of sound, giving its user the ability to create with remarkable personalized expression and unlimited potential for sound design. When nothing but the best will do, Roland's V-Synth GT is there.

The first synthesizer in the world to be equipped with AP(Articulative Phrase) synthesis, the GT refashions the way musicians synthesize, recreating the always changing tenue of the instrument as it's played. This amazing feature results in amazingly expressive and realistic sound and can be applied to acoustic instrument simulation or any of the many never before heard sounds that are built-in to the V-Synth GT engine.

The V-Synth has a dual-core V-Synth engine and can easily combine Vocal Designer technology, Elastic Audio Synthesis and AP-synthesis in real time. The V-Synth GT also comes with Roland's elixir vitae, the fabulous VariPhrase, an analog-modeling engine, digital sampling architecture and External Audio input. Overall, this instrument provides an amazing foundation upon which the user can capture, create, mold and manipulate sounds to create a foray of expressive and original tunes.


The V-Synth GT is the most expressive and complex synthesizer created to date and offers all of the features of the V-Synth plus much, much more. The V-Synth GT is a top of the line synthesizer that is still user friendly! This instrument is complex and offers its user an array of tools for realistic vocal and instrument modification and creation. The first synthesizer to feature AP(Articulative Phrase Synthesis), this technology allows the user to manifest the most realistic acoustic instrument sounds and manipulate the unique sounds built into the V-Synth GT as well as the users own voice. The V-Synth brought synthesis into a new and unique dimension of sound, the V-Synth GT offers all that the original had and much, much more. For the professional musician, only the best will do and the GT is without a doubt the best synthesizer in the world to date.

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