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Roland Fantom X6 61-Key Sampling Workstation

The Roland Fantom X6 is the peak of power and performance in Roland's line of amazing synthesizer workstations. With 61 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch capability as well as an amazing 128-voice max polyphony capacity this keyboard is ready to take on both your sampling and digital recording needs.

As with any Fantom series synthesizer the X6 comes standard with Roland's Skip Back Sampling allowing the user to never lose any creative ideas as each play on the keyboard is stored for future reference. The Fantom X6 also sports 16 velocity sensitive and aftertouch compatible trigger pads that can be used in conjunction with Rolands Dynamic Pad Bank.

A strong, intuitive, user interface was put in place on the Fantom X6 so users can get the most out of the synth as well as have seamless control of all the various features on-board this great machine. To start with Roland gave the Fantom-X series keyboards a large, bright, fully colored LCD screen. With this amazing screen you can control many of the X6's features such as separate reverb and chorus processors, three multi-effects processors, and multiple sculpting tools for creative sampling sessions.

You won't be short on connectors with the X6, first you get a USB-MIDI interface which can also be used for importing and exporting songs from the keyboard to a computer in a snap. Next you get 4 line outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono) and a stereo line input to get your tunes from your source straight to your output speakers. Finally you get both types of pedal jacks built-in as well for complete compatibility with your other hardware.

Features include:
- 61 velocity sensitive/ aftertouch effect keys
- 128-voice max polyphony cap.
- Skip Back Sampling, Dynamic Pad Bank
- Large color LCD screen
- Separate Reverb and Chorus Processors
- Multi-effects processor and sculpting tools
- USB-MIDI interface, Both pedal type jacks built-in
- 4 line outputs, 1 stereo line input

Creating a good mix is a hard thing to do even with a great synth to work with, but the Fantom X6 61-Key Sampling Workstation never hurts to have around when your laying down sampling tracks. This powerhouse of sound performance helps give the user full control of his or her work with a large fully colored LCD display, multiple programmable triggers, knobs, and pads, and all the effects processors and tools needed to help create your own masterpiece. If you are in the market for a professional, powerful, and productive synthesizer look no further than the Fantom-X series workstations by Roland.

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