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Roland Fantom X8 88 Key Sampling Workstation

The Fantom X8 88 Key Sampling Workstation is an intelligent keyboard instrument that's revolutionizing the way musicians both practice and perform, allowing its user to push the boundaries of expression and playability.

An advanced sound engine coupled with Roland's revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL expansion bay, color LCD, high quality piano-like Ivory feel keys and a powerful MIDI/audio sequencer make the Roland Fantom X8 88 a perfect choice for any musician who is looking for excellent streamlined equipment and affordability.

The Fantom X8 88 has a new and powerful audio processor with twice the wave-ROM capacity of its predecessor, providing the user with greater versatility and sonic depth.

The X8 88 is a highly advanced workstation that offers Roland's world-class SRX-quality sounds as well as the new ARX expansion, which adds to this additional SuperNATURAL sound-sets and dedicated synth and effects engines. Roland's innovative SuperNATURAL is a behavior-modeling technology that brings sound distortion to a new level of creativity and expression. When the technology is applied to traditional-instrument sounds, SuperNATURAL manifests tonal changes and nuances of true instruments. The Fantom X8 88 is hot! a thoughtfully designed instrument, its components are of the highest quality.


Keyboard: 88 keys, PHA II, Ivory feel, with velocity and channel aftertouch

Large color LCD

Powerful audio/MIDI sequencer

2 SuperNATURAL Expansion boards

Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices, shared with the sampling section

Parts: 16 parts (Internal) + 16 parts (External) + 2 parts (ARX)+ 24 parts (Audio Track)

Wave Memory: 256MB (16-bit linear equivalent), Waveforms: 2,153

Preset Memory: Patches 1,500 + 256 (GM2), Rhythm Sets 64 + 9 (GM2), Live Sets 512, Studio Sets 128

Patch Multi-Effects (PFX) 16 systems, 76 types

Mastering Effects 1 system, 3-b, Multi-Effects (MFX) 2 systems, 78 types

Chorus 1 system, 3 types, Reverb 1 system, 10 types, Input Effects 1 system, 6 types

The Fantom X8 88 Key Sampling Workstation is a high quality and dynamic keyboard instrument that provides its user the potential for new dimensions of sound. The Fantom X8 88's powerful audio processor is coupled with SRX sound and new ARX expansion along with many other options, bringing new life to sound expression.

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