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Dave Smith Poly Evolver Analog/Digital Keyboard Synthesizer

The Poly Evolver analog/digital keyboard synth by Dave Smith is the king of the Evolver line of performance synthesizers. This 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer features a 5-octave, semi-weighted velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard, pitch and mod wheels, tons of knobs and switches all in a clean and intuitive layout giving musicians unparalleled real-time control.

Each voice on this keyboard is a complete Evolver offering 4 oscillators per voice, 2 analog and 2 digital. With a true stereo signal path, the Poly Evolver has a separate Curtis low-pass analog filter in each channel for each voice and each voice has its own independent effects including feedback, delay, distortion and more.

The 78 knobs and 59 switches featuring clocked, pulsing LED’s to keep you in the groove, facilitating the highly accessible and intuitive operation of this synth. Meanwhile, the hardwood end-panels will keep you grooving on this fine looking instruments appearance. Each voice has an independent 16 x 4 step sequencer syncing everything perfectly to MIDI. In program mode all 4 voices play the same sound while in combo mode voices can be custom-allocated and each voice can respond to a different MIDI channel. Multiple Poly Evolvers can be daisy-chained for increased polyphony.

Poly Evolver Specs:
• 512 fully editable programs (4 banks of 128)
• Numeric keypad for access to programs and combos
• 2 DCO’s
• 3 Envelope generators
• 4 LFO’s
• Analog VCA’s
• Digital high-pass filter
• MIDI in, out, thru and poly chain
• ¼” unbalanced stereo audio input, main stereo audio output and separate stereo outputs per voice
• Sustain pedal input
• Included power supply for 110-240V AC operation

Each voice has its own stereo output plus mix and headphone outputs and a stereo audio input can be routed to any or all of the Poly Evolvers voices allowing parallel audio processing of external stereo and mono signals. Simply put the Poly Evolver has more features and capabilities than one might be capable of accessing and exploiting in a single lifetime. If you’re in search of that diesel, do-everything, scary-tech-yet-intuitive keyboard synthesizer you may call off the search. And you better do it quick because you’re gonna want some time to get acquainted with the monstrous Poly Evolver brought to you by Dave Smith Instruments.

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