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Dave Smith Prophet ’08 8-Voice Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

The Prophet ’08 by Dave Smith is a keyboard synthesizer legend and new guard for analog synthesizers. This 8-voice synthesizer offers a 100% analog signal path. While the Prophet ’08 has an overall sonic character familiar to Dave Smith’s work from 70’s and 80’s, the Prophet ’08 is more than a vintage re-issue with a couple new improvements.

It houses all the qualities expected of today’s high-performance synthesizers like velocity and aftertouch in addition to features like an arpeggiator, gated 16 x 4 step sequencer and sound stacking and splitting capabilities.

As a product of evolution, the modulation possibilities on the Prophet ’08 run much deeper than anything Sequential ever produced, giving you the ability to create sounds “classic” synths couldn’t.

This 5-octave keyboard features semi-weighted action, spring-loaded pitch and assignable modulation wheels. 2 banks of 128 programs give this keyboard a total of 256 fully editable programs with 2 layers in each program. Two digitally controlled analog oscillators per voice provide selectable sawtooth, triangle, saw/ triangle mix, and pulse wave with pulse-width modulation and hard sync. And each voice offers an analog Curtis low-pass filter with selectable 2- and 4-pole operation, self-resonating in 4-pole mode and 3 envelope generators including filter, VCA, and assignable with 4-stage ADSR + delay plus envelope 3 can loop.

Additional Specs:

• 4 LFO’s
• Glide w/ separate rates per oscillator
• Analog VCA’s
• MIDI in, out, thru, and poly chain
• ¼” unbalanced main stereo audio output, output B stereo output
• sustain pedal input
• Power supply for 110-240V AC operation included

Dave Smith designed the Prophet ’08 to bring together the best elements of his early work with modern technology in order to give you an affordable but powerful analog keyboard synthesizer. Rugged professional design and smooth, intuitive detailing make this keyboard a mainstay for even the most demanding musicians. Dave Smith Instruments does it again with the Prophet ’08.

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