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Yamaha MO6 61 Key Music Production Synthesizer Workstation with DAW Control

If your looking for a high quality, compact and moderately priced workstation synthesizer that meets the requirements for studio practice, live performance or commercial projects than the Yamaha MO6 is the instrument for you.

The Yamaha MO6 is a workstation synthesizer and a 4-zone controller keyboard that offers its user 61-synth action keys that feature the Initial Touch Response mechanism design. The MO6 is packed with a huge collection of sounds from the high quality MOTIF keyboard series, and offers amazing versatility with many preset phrases, effects processors and arpeggios.

The system design of the MO6 is highly ambitious and complex while remaining easy to operate, the system provides its user with complete DAW and sequencer computer integration through the USB port and offers storage and remote capabilities. The Yamaha MO6 has an array of advanced music making tools!

A built-in song sequencer, useful pattern mode(allowing user to build complex rhythmic/ chordal patterns) and a powerful arpeggio features giving you over 1700 sequenced phrases that can be triggered by the touch of a key. The voices of the MO6 have been largely modeled after the professional grade MOTIF ES, but has an exceptional added sound-set and an amazingly large internal wave memory capability.

The MO6 features 512 realistic instrument voices and 64 drum kits and includes many new and vintage synth sounds making it ideal for the modern day club, dance and techno scenes. The MO6 features great responsive filters and an amazing set of top of the line effects.


The Yamaha MO6 offers an array of advanced features and technology for a moderate price. It's compact and highly portable for the convenience of carrying your equipment easily from gig to gig. It's an ideal option for studio practice, performance or commercial studio projects with great responsive filters and top of the line effects. With over 1700 sequences phrases , 512 realistic instrument voices and 64 drum kits, advanced sound modification and creation has never been so simple.

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