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Yamaha MOTIF XS6 Music Production Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard

The MOTIF XS is a portable and affordable music production synth workstation keyboard that has such a broad array of realistic sounds it's perfect for work or play.

The MOTIF XS makes it easy to create elaborate and professional grade music anywhere, 355 MB of waveforms and samples without a doubt, the XS is a powerful music-making tool.

A single Voice can have up to 8 individual sound Elements, creating composite sounds of amazing nuance and sophistication. Yamaha's MOTIF XS was developed for perfect sound, among the standout Voices of the instrument are a remarkably real sounding concert grand piano, new acoustic piano, electric piano, orchestral samples, all this coupled with textured electronic synthesizer waves make the XS ideal for the realization of any style of music you could imagine. With the MOTIF XS, Yamaha has manifested a massive number of features to make your rhythm & sound creation sessions fun, after all, creativity and imagination are what its about!

XA(Expanded Articulation) tone generation system lets you recreate organic performance techniques such as legato, key release sounds and staccato. XA also lets you change sounds within a Voice (in real time) and can be assigned to the panel switches for easy on/off. A large selection of Mega Voices provide the user with additional artillery for greater expression when utilized with sequencer tracks or Mega Voice arpeggios.

Furthermore, the great half damper effect for the acoustic piano sounds gives complete sound modification with a simple pedal control! The massive sound options wouldn't be complete without the ability to call on the past, the MOTIF XS comes with an excellent quality Vocoder effect for producing robotic synth sounds and can mold your own speaking and singing through a connected mic.

With so many music making features, the MOTIF XS is the perfect machine to push the creative process into high gear! Past the massive portfolio of built-in sounds and synth effects, the MOTIF XS features a powerful Arpeggio which lets you trigger any number of sequenced phrases from the keyboard. 6,000 Arpeggio phrases to be exact. Running in sync, you can have four different Arpeggios, playing four different instrument parts- the music making possibilities are seemingly endless with the XS.


61 keys
355MB of wave ROM
Xpanded Articulation (XA) tone generator
Instant Performance Recording
Updated interface
Large color LCD screen
8 knobs and sliders
Studio-style mixing environment
Virtual Circuitry Modeling effects
4 intelligent Arpeggiators
Integrated Sampling Sequencer with 1 GB of optional memory
Total Computer IntegrationCubase AI software included

Yamaha's MOTIF XS is a high quality and technologically advanced portable sound machine that offers its user an amazing array of features for professional music production or studio practice. With so many features, you'd think the XS a difficult tool to use, on the contrary, the MOTIF XS is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. A large color LCD and high resolution graphics with virtual sliders, knobs and much much more make the MOTIF XS the ideal, portable and easy to operate synth workstation keyboard.

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