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Learn the best parking at Dayton International Airport. Discover the parking areas, prices and alternative parking options. Learn how to reach the Dayton International Airport and a little more about traveling from the airport that's located in the heart where the Wright Brothers established aviation.

How to Reach Dayton International Airport Parking and Terminal

Located at 3600 Terminal Road in Vandalia, Ohio, the airport is easily accessible from the I-40, I-70 and I-75. Watch for airport signs. Those on the I-40 will take the Terminal Road Exit. Travelers on the I-70 will take the Dayton International Airport Access Road Exit. Finally, if you're on the I-75, exit onto the I-40 and then connect to Terminal Road.

James M. Cox Dayton International Airport Parking Options

Passengers have plenty of options for parking at the Dayton International Airport. In addition, there are plans to add a garage between the airport terminal and the Blue Long Term lot. Current choices include:

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  • Blue Long Term
  • Credit Card
  • Economy
  • Overflow
  • Red Long Term
  • Short Term

Those parking in the Short Term area receive 30 minutes of free parking. After that, rates range from $3 to $25. The Short Term parking area is adjacent to the terminal. For optimal convenience, there is Valet Parking available in front of the DAY airport terminal. Rates here average $20 a day, and your car is brought curbside on your return.

Blue Long Term and Red Long Term lots cost anywhere from $2 to $12 depending on your stay. Free shuttle brings you from the parking lot to the terminal. The shuttles run every 8 to 10 minutes, so you'll never have to wait.

If you plan to pay by credit card, the Credit Card Parking Lot makes it easy to get in and out. Swipe your credit card when you enter and again when you leave and pay under $15 per day.

For cheap Dayton International Airport parking, head to the Economy Parking lot. The lot features free shuttle to the terminals and incredibly low rates of under $40 per week.

On the rare occaision that all parking lots are full, the Overflow Parking Lot opens. It's farther away but provides travelers with free shuttle service to the airport terminal.

If you mistakenly enter a parking lot or are simply dropping someone off at their car, you are provided with a five-minute grace period to exit without paying. This is true of any lot on the airport grounds.

Handicapped Parking Options at Dayton International Airport

Passengers with physical handicaps may park in any of the lots. Make sure your disabled plate or placard is clearly visible. All free shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. While your car is parked at the airport, the handicapped signage must remain with the car or your car will be towed.

Handicapped passengers are given the lowest possible parking rate, either hourly or daily. To receive the lowest rate, show your handicapped plate or placard to the cashier when exiting the lot.

Alternative Parking Options at Dayton International Airport

Do you need to spend a night in Dayton before or after your flight? If so, ask your chosen hotel about Park, Sleep and Fly packages. These affordable packages provide you with a comfortable room for the night and up to 14 days of hotel parking while you're away.

Dayton's Park & Go provides self-parking and valet parking options for under $7 to $10 per day. Those who choose to self-park receive free shuttle and baggage assistance. Valet parking makes it even easier because the valets find and retrieve your car for you. Check their website for money-saving coupons.

For more Information on Dayton International Airport parking, call 937-898-1555.

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