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Discover the realm of Denver International Airport parking options. Learn average prices, how to reach the DIA airport and alternative parking choices. Covering 53 acres, the DIA airport may not be the busiest, but it takes passenger's comfort into prime consideration. There's plenty of parking, amenities and amazing architecture awaiting.

Driving to Denver International Airport Parking and Jeppesen Terminal

Reach the DIA from the I-70 or E-470 (a toll road). From both major interstates, you want the Pena Boulevard exit. Watch for signs that lead directly to the airport grounds.

If you have GPS or want MapQuest or Google directions, the airport's physical address is 8500 Pena Boulevard.

Choices for Denver International Airport Parking

Enjoy more than 40,000 parking spaces in the garages and lots on the DIA airport grounds. Choose between:

  • 45-Minute Waiting Area
  • Garage East and West Parking
  • Economy East and West Lots
  • Mount Elbert Shuttle Lot
  • Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot
  • Short Term East and West Parking
  • Valet East and West Parking

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While Valet Parking is incredibly convenient if you're in a hurry, it's also the most expensive option. You're paying between $11 to $27 depending on your length of stay. Valet Parking accepts cash, major credit cards and personal checks.

The Short Term Parking is located on the fourth floor of the parking garages. Rates start at $3 per hour with no daily maximum. This lot is best used for quick visits to the airport.

Covered Garage parking is available on floors 1 through 4, but the 5 th floor is open to the weather. In the garages, rates range from $2 to $18.

Economy Lots are a short walk from the Jeppesen Terminal. If you're not up for the walk, there are free shuttles that make a loop every 10 minutes. Park here for around $10 per day.

Pikes Peak Shuttle is inexpensive costing a little more than $5 per day. Because it is three miles from the airport terminal, free shuttle service is necessary. Mount Elbert Shuttle Lot is an overflow lot for the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot. It's only open when the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot is full. Free shuttle service on Level 5 of the terminal brings passengers for both lots to and from the airport terminal.

Take advantage of the new QuickPark system. Swipe your credit card when you enter and exit the parking area and you don't have to wait for a cashier to tally your parking fees and collect payment. It's quick and extremely easy to use. Otherwise, the parking areas accept major credit cards, cash and personal check.

Handicapped Parking at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport prides itself on being ADA compliant. Every parking area offers spacious handicapped parking spaces. Floor 3 of the garage is the only level to not have ADA parking facilities. Every shuttle bus offers wheelchair lifts.

Alternative DIA Parking Methods

Booking a hotel room before or after your flight? Talk to the hotel about Park, Sleep and Fly rates. These affordable rates provide you with a hotel room plus a parking space for your vehicle the entire time you're gone.

Most hotels provide you with free parking for to 7 or 14 days before they add on an additional fee. Even if you're going to be parked longer and must pay the additional fee, it's usually far less expensive than airport parking. Hotels shuttle passengers directly to the airport terminal.

Call 303-DIA-PARK to talk to Denver International Airport's parking division.

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