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Discover the best places to park at Nashville International Airport. Learn about BNA parking rates, handicapped options and alternative options that save money.

Driving to Nashville International Airport

BNA is located at 1 Terminal Drive in Nashville. You can plug that address into your GPS system or website to retrieve exact driving directions from your specific starting point.

The airport is a short drive from I-40. Take Exit 216 and make your way to Donelson Pike. If you take Exit 216A, the access road brings you directly to the airport. The BNA airport is just off Donelson Pike. Follow airport signs to parking and the main terminal.

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Options for Parking at Nashville International Airport

If you're simply picking up passengers, there is a cell phone waiting lot just before the new rental car facility. Wait in this lot for your passengers to arrive. Once they're at baggage claim and have their bags, drive up the terminal to pick them up.

The short-term parking area is directly across from the terminal. The two-level garage has a maximum clearance of 8' 2”. Park in the short-term garage free for 20 minutes and then the rates range from $2 to $24.

There are two long-term parking areas, one is behind the new rental car facility and the other is across the street beyond Donelson Pike. The first 10 minutes of parking in Long Term A is free. After that rates in both long-term lots range from $1.50 to $13. Free shuttle services brings you to and from the airport.

Nashville International Airport economy parking is beyond the cell phone lot, adjacent to the the Exit 216A Access Road. Here you pay $3 to $8. Free shuttle service brings you to and from the airport.

Valet parking is available at Ground Transportation. The service is available from 5:00 AM to midnight. Rates start at $10 for up to four hours. Additional services like oil changes and car wash service are available.

There is a brand new overflow parking area down Donelson Pike beyond the airport terminal. This lot is only open during peak travel seasons. Free shuttle runs from 3:30 AM to 45 minutes after the final flight of the evening. Rates range from $1.50 to $8.

Pay your parking fees with with cash, check or major credit card.

Handicapped Parking at Nashville International Airport

If you need handicapped parking spaces, you'll find them in every BNA parking area. Shuttles do have wheelchair ramps for passengers in wheelchairs. Make sure your van is not too tall for the parking garage. If it is, you'll have to park in the open long-term or economy lots.

Alternative Parking Ideas for Nashville International Airport

If you plan to stay in a hotel before or after your Nashville International Airport flight, ask your hotel about Park, Sleep and Fly plans. These plans help save money by allowing you to park in the hotel parking lot while you're away.

Also look for off-site Nashville Airport parking. Park and Fly lots are usually half the price of airport parking. Free shuttles bring you to and from the airport.

If you have additional questions, call Nashville International Airport Central Parking at 615-275-1045.

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