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Find out the best Tucson Airport parking options. Learn about the different prices, locations and alternative parking options. Discover the best way to reach the airport and where TUS handicapped accessible parking is located.

Tucson International Airport sees more than 3.6 million passengers per year. The airport has more than 7,500 parking spaces on the TUS airport grounds.

Tucson Airport Parking and Main Terminal Directions

Tucson International Airport is off Tucson Boulevard. Getting there is relatively easy. Take the I-10 or I-19 into Valencia. Watch for airport signs directing you to Tucson Boulevard. The airport entrance is clearly marked.

Those traveling from downtown Tucson will take Benson Highway. Benson Highway leads directly to the airport entrance.

For those with a GPS system or who want printable directions from sites like Google Maps or MapQuest, the airport's address is 7005 South Plumer Avenue.

Once you're on Tucson Boulevard, the handicapped-accessible Economy parking area is off Corona Road. The Parking Garage is reached by taking Airport Drive to Los Reales Road. Daily and Hourly Tucson Airport Parking are directly in front of the terminal. Finally, the Cell Phone Lot is on the corner of Airport Drive and Plumer Avenue.

Tucson International Airport Parking Options

If you park in the garage parking, expect to pay around $10 for a day. Hourly parking is more expensive with the average daily rate of $12. Daily parking is affordable, ranging from $1.50 to $9 depending on your length of stay. These are the more expensive parking lots at Tucson Airport.

The economy lot is down the road. It's a secured parking lot that is regularly patrolled by the Tucson Airport Authority. Shuttles bring passengers to and from the terminal. All Tucson International Airport parking shuttles have wheelchair lifts and operate 24/7.

Rates in the Tucson Economy Parking area depend on if you want covered parking or open parking. Covered is slightly higher, but still rates range from $4 to $5 per day.

Picking up a passenger? The Cell Phone Lot allows you to park near the airport without having to pay. You must remain with your vehicle at all times. This lot makes it easy for your passenger to call when ready for a curbside pick up.

EasyPay pay stations are available in the TUS baggage claim area and near elevators in the parking garage. You can use a credit or debit card to pay your parking fees. This eliminates the hassle of waiting in line to exit the parking lot.

Alternative Options for Parking at Tucson International Airport

Quick Park Quick Shuttle provides 3,500 parking spaces in four parking lots adjacent to Tucson Airport grounds. Visit their website,  www.quickparkquickshuttle.com, for current prices and coupon offers. Expect to pay less than $4 a day when you park in their lots. Shuttles run between the TUS airport and the park and fly lots every four minutes.

Planning to stay in a hotel before or after your flight? Many Tucson Airport hotels provide park, sleep and fly packages. These deals allow you to leave your car in the hotel parking lot while you're away. Hotel shuttles take you to and from the airport.

If you would like more information on parking at Tucson Airport, call 520-573-8100.

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