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Planning to put Mopsy or Flopsy in the air? Research in advance of your furry friend’s trip is essential when choosing an airline. Find one that will handle your pet with the same care all your family members deserve, by asking some crucial questions (found in the travel section of the Vet’s website.

· Where does my dog travel on the aircraft?

· Is it temperature controlled and pressurized?

· What temperature do you keep the bin?

· How many dogs or cats travel per aircraft?

· When do you load the pets onto the aircraft?

· Are pets held and supervised in a cool/warm room before they are taken out to the aircraft and loaded?

· Does the pilot or ramp agent check on pets before their departure?

· Is each kennel separately strapped down to aircraft floor?

· What is your procedure if flight becomes delayed?

· Do you bring the pet to the owner until a delayed flight is rescheduled?

· What documentation do you require for my pet?

· When traveling to Hawaii, is quarantine required upon arrival?

It’s your right to contact prospective airlines and get specifics on any concerns you may have. You can investigate their track records on pet-related incidents, posted annually on the D.O.T. website.

Some airlines allow no pets, period. Others permit pets, usually 15 lbs or less, to travel in the cabin in regulation carriers designed to fit under the seat ahead of you.

The new Pet Airways is devoted to flying pets exclusively (any sized dog or cat) in proprietary restraint systems built into their aircraft cabins (N.Y.C., D.C., Denver, Chicago and L.A.). See

Midwest Airlines’ love for animals inspired their Premier Pet Program, a tail-wagging approach to flying pets, with comfort in mind and family reunions their goal (

When choosing Maxi’s flight, direct flights are always less stressful, even if it means another hour or two’s drive to the airport. Avoid layovers and flight changes. An airline, flying climate-to-climate or in extreme weather, will ‘bump” your pet for its own safety.

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