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Planning to fly an airline with the feline? Consulting with the airline well in advance is paramount and will save you and Mittens all kinds of grief.

Thorough research, planning and basic preparation will help you secure safe passage for Kitty, culminating in a happy reunion for you both, when traveling separately, and/or relocating. Excellent resources exist online with comprehensive advice and step-by-step instructions.

Examination by a veterinarian in advance of the trip is essential, especially for geriatric cats. Certain short-faced feline breeds (Persians, Exotic Shorthairs) do NOT travel well in some situations. Flying poses a high risk for cats with pre-existing medical conditions, like heart or kidney disease.

Requirements and crucial considerations:

· Does airline have “acclimation” requirements? Many require a Vet’s letter stating minimum and maximum degrees of cat is acclimatization.
· Will your economically valuable cat need additional liability insurance?
· Required:
o Written proof of current vaccinations
o Proper crate labeling
· Often required: Health Certificate
· Flying direct minimizes concern for cat in baggage connections.
· Some airlines allow one pet in coach & one in first class (with provisions)
o Inform airline when taking cat coach
o Check crate dimension requirements for cat’s comfort & under-seat stowing
· Consider the availability of any special dietary needs and/or medications at your destination, or plan to take them along.
· Does your cat know his/her:
o Harness / collar (with i.d. tag)
o Leash
o Carrier
· Water always available.

Are you looking into using an experienced cat shipper? Check out:
· Animal Land Pet Movers
· Pet Express
· Precious Pets Transportation Services
· Pet Air

Last but not least, you can now fly Whiskers coach on the new pet-exclusive airline, Pet Airways provided s/he’s flying between N.Y., D.C., Chicago, Denver and L.A. Cats and dogs are booked as “pawsengers” and escorted individually into Beech 1900 airplane cabins. Monitored by Pet Attendants regularly, your cat gets better care-in-the-air than most earthbound humans will ever know.

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