Airline Dog Crate - Shipping Pets in Airline Approved Carriers

A dog’s kennel is his castle, her only safe haven in flight. Most airlines insist “canine ‘as’ cargo.” Flying is dangerous for your furry companion. You, alone, will protect and think of Pup as other than property.

Contact the Airline

Research in advance can facilitate selection of a dog crate and your pet travel preparations. Some airlines require you to use only their crates; they may allow small dogs to ride in airline-approved carriers that fit under the seat in front of yours. Other airline won’t take pets period, or may restrict them traveling to certain destinations. has a list of 19 airline links with respective kennel and pet travel regulations. Age restrictions for dogs, kennel size, composition and ventilation, all vary and are specified by each airline.

Carry-on Kennels

Pet carriers must allow pup to stand, turn around, lie down and stay comfortably, while fitting completely under the seat in front of you. Size limits differ with each airline, e.g., United Airlines’ hard-sided carry-on maximum is 17”x12”x8,” and soft-sided maximum is 17”x10”x10.” American Airlines’ maximum is 23" x 13" x 9”.

Below-Cabin Kennel

· Dog must be able to stand, lie down in a comfortable position and turn around freely when inside the kennel or s/he could become stiff and uncomfortable for the entire trip. Dog length is measured from nose to tip of tale, adding in height and width to calculate total size.

· Airline-approved crates only, in new or perfect condition. Inspect carrier for damage or stress cracks before travel.

· Crate design should have:
o Adequate ventilation on at least three sides;
o Strong, waterproof walls that prevent crushing & urine leakage;
o Water tray, accessible from outside for refilling when needed; and,
o Sturdy handles for cargo personnel use.

For a variety of small to large airline-approved carriers, see Pet Mate and Kennel-Aire are both reputable brands.

Also, check out an excellent source for all pet-flying issues at Vet owned/operated

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