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Need to get your dog from here to there? The fastest way may not be the safest. A happy reunion with your healthy dog on new soil is the outcome of research, planning, vigilance on your part, and gentle, conscientious, regulation-compliant, attention and handling on the part of your shipper.

Before you send Roxie and Rio off on a journey, do the detective work on who’s watching over them and piloting their transport over land, sea or air.

The U.S. Humane Society is an excellent information resource whether your dog is traveling with you or alone. Lovetoknow offers good dog travel articles, including one focused on crate preparation. Myriad dog shipping companies exist on the internet. Pet Express poses crucial questions for any dog owner, e.g.:

· Did you know that:

o Regulations are set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture;

o Individual airlines can set their own regulations for domestic travel;

o Both these policy setting agencies are free to change any policy they deem necessary and change it as often as they choose with no notice to the consumer;

o International travel will have additional regulations set by consulates, customs and quarantine agencies;

o None of these policy-setting agencies are required to govern the other; and,

o Not even the airline is required to share with you all of the set requirements needed to assure a smooth relocation of your pet???

Veterinarian owned/operated publish “Flying with your Pet,” covering every aspect of dog safety and security, explaining how panic, overmedication, undiagnosed heart or respiratory conditions, and defective kennels contribute to injuries and/or fatalities. Their 4-part travel planner starts by “Calming Your Concerns” and leads right through to an hour before departure. Their vets recommend and partner online with Midwest Airline’s Premier Pet Program.

Pet Air has 33 years shipping experience, offering comprehensive services, but no testimonials.

A new airline opening July 2009, flies only pets, exclusively coach. Pet Airways books “pawsengers” into Beech 1900 cabins, where Pet Attendants give Pooch excellent care.

When it comes to shipping Mollie or Max, gather the facts, before following your instincts. As only you know, their unconditional love is well worth safe passage.

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